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OVER 500 shells still for sale!!!
After 30 years of collecting ranellidae, I decided to sell my personal collection which was among the best and most complete on earth. Unfortunately I started selling them last year with out saving photos of the most outstanding specimens which now reside in collections all over the world.  Marvin Von Renchler

This is a work in progress. I have so many specimens to photograph and add here. While its being built, if you are looking for a particular shell please email for size, price and photo.

This has been a fascinating journey. When I first started to collect ranellidae, Dr. Alan Beu and several others had not fully completed researching and re classification. Most were known as  CYMATIUM and as studies progressed I often had to correct dealers listings. I suffer pangs of regret now over selling my best tigrinum, andamanense, burgessi and one or two others but thats life --- at least I had the fun of owning them and meeting the many great dealers around the world.

Email garblooey@gmail.com or call 1-503-968-2528

Tigrinum SOLD

Each item had been hand chosen for my personal collection. Hope you enjoy them in yours!

We accept PAYPAL.

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My gratitude to Dr Alan Beu from New Zealand who is the worlds authority on ranellidae. His help over the last 25 years has been priceless to me.

I TAKE PAYPAL but will take personal checks. I will not send shells until check clears the bank.


Ranellidae for sale. Portland Oregon. email garblooey@gmail.com  Ranellidae, cymatium, seashells, septa, ranularia, femorale