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Shipping fee schedule within United States borders.  Shipping costs depend on how many specimens in the order and what size package is needed. I work with you to provide the best packaging for the lowest mailing cost.

Payment Methods
We accept PAYPAL, wire transfer, personal check or money order / bank check.
You may also call 1-503-968-2528 to make an order over the phone. If you use PAYPAL, your order will ship immediately. If you pay by personal check, your order will ship 1 business day
after the check clears the bank.

Privacy Policy
Contact information including email address, telephone number, address, etc. which is provided by the user is used solely for the purpose of completing the order. This includes information pertaining to gift recipients. Financial information including credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing address is used solely to bill the customer for their order.  All buyer financial information is destroyed after transaction. No personal financial information is kept on this sites server or the companies records. We do not sell or give away email address information.


I will ship to any country. However, I will not guarantee delivery once the package clears United States borders. In 2012 I had problems with packages to Finland, Russia and Spain. After clearing USA borders, some packages failed to show up again in the target country tracking system. I assume they were stolen or lost. Shipping will depend on parcel size, weight and destination so Im not showing fixed shipping fees on this site for other than delivery within USA borders.


All specimens guaranteed to be as described. I will return your money if you decide to send it back for any reasonable claim other than you simply dont like it. I can send many photographs to you before purchasing.

Ranellidae for sale. Portland Oregon. email garblooey@gmail.com  Ranellidae, cymatium, seashells, septa, ranularia, femorale